Caribbean Packages 1 Month 1 Device

Foreign Owned Specialty Anguilla
ZJF-TV 3 (Anguilla TV) Anguilla
KCNTV4 – Channel 141
Caribbean Gospel TV (CGTV) Digicel Ch.560
Antigua and Barbuda
V2C-TV 10 (formerly ZAL-TV) CMatt Communications (ABS-TV/Radio) – Antigua and Barbuda
ATV 8/15 (Aruba Broadcasting Company/NBC) – Oranjestad, Aruba
Telearuba 13/23/313 (SETAR) – Pos Chikito, Aruba / Oranjestad, Aruba
Canal 22 – Sta Cruz, Aruba / Oranjestad, Aruba
ArubaTV Plus on Roku TV & ViewSat DvB S2 - Oranjestad, Aruba
ZNS-TV 13 (Channel 13) – Nassau, Bahamas / Freeport, Bahamas
JCN Channel 14
Bahamas Real Estate Channel
Parliament 40
ILTV Studios
8PX-TV 8 (Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation) – Bridgetown, Barbados
Public Broadcast Service
Caribbean Cooking Channel
Discover Barbados TV
Multi-Choice TV
Caribbean Gospel TV (CGTV) Digicel Ch.27
Channel 5 – Belize City-based
Channel 7 – Belize City-based
Channel 10 – San Ignacio & Santa Elena-based
CTV3 News – Orange Walk Town-based
(TNC10) – Red Creek Village-based
(BBN9) – Belize City-based
Channel 3 (CTV3) – Orange Walk-based
Krem Television – Belize City-based
Love Television – Belize City-based
(OLTV) – Belize City-based
Plus TV – Belmopan-basedBermuda
Bermuda Broadcasting Company
ZFB-TV (ABC) 7 – Hamilton, Bermuda
ZBM-TV (CBS) 9 – Hamilton
PJB-TV 6 (Tele Curaçao, Bonaire/Saba)
PJC-TV 8 (Tele Curaçao, Curaçao)
British Virgin Islands
See Television stations in Road Town
Caribbean Gospel TV (CGTV) Digicel+
Cayman Islands
Cayman27 / CITN[1]
Discover Cayman TV
Cayman Real Estate Channel
Island 24 (I24) – Cayman Islands
Caribbean Gospel TV ( Logic Cable Ch. 48)
See list of television stations in Cuba
Televishon Direct kanal 13 (TV Direct 13), Curaçao
PJC-TV 8 (Tele Curaçao, Curaçao)[2]
CBA Television, Curaçao[3]
Nos Pais Television, Curaçao
Caribbean Gospel TV (CGTV) Digicel Ch.83
(converted from SECAM). SAT Telecommunications Ltd delivers its offering via digital cable with the use of set top boxes whereas Marpin(Marpin 2K4 Ltd., Flow Dominica)
CBN4 (Cable Broadcasting Network, Digicel Dominica)
Caribbean Gospel TV (CGTV) Digicel Ch.560
Dominican Republic
AME Canal 47
Antena 21
Antena Latina Canal 7
CERTV – Canal 4
Aster TV
Carivision International
Digital 15
Telemedios Dominicano Canal 25
Color Visión (Canal 9)
Coral 39
Digital Quince
NDTV (The Dominican Channel)
Santo Domingo TV
Supercanal Caribe
TV Dominicana
Tele Futuro canal 23
Tele Contacto Canal 57
Tele Antillas Canal 2
Telemicro Canal 5
Tele Centro Canal 13
Teleradio America
Telesistema Dominicano
Tele Universo (Canal 29)
Tele Union
MegaVision Canal 43
Super TV Canal 55
Red Nacional de Noticias (RNN) Canal 27
Tele Canal 38
Cibao TV Club Canal 53
Virus TV Canal 20
Telemilenio canal 50
Vega TV
Super TV 3 La Vega
Tele Vida canal 40
Grenada Broadcasting Network – G.B.N. T.V.
Meingingfull television M.T.V. – Grenada
Grenada Information Services- G.I.S.
Saga Boy Communications-S.B.C.
Gayelle TV (cable) – Trinidad and Tobago
Community Channel 6-CC6 (cable) – Flow Grenada (Columbus Communications (Grenada) LTD.)
Caribbean Gospel TV (CGTV) Greendot Ch.14
Channel 1, Guadeloupe La 1ère
Channel 3, Canal 10
Channel 4, France 2
Channel 5, France 3
Channel 6, France 4
Channel 7, France 5
Channel 9, ARTE
Channel 10, franceinfo
Channel 11, Éclair Télévision (ETV)
Channel 12, Alizés Guadeloupe
On cable TV (SFR Caraïbe), local channels are
Guadeloupe La 1ère
Canal 10
Éclair Télévision
Alizés Guadeloupe
CNS6 | VHF 6
WRHM | VHF 7 | UHF 38
Guyana Learning Channel Trust | UHF 24 - Benab | UHF 29/80 - Georgetown
(NCN Guyana) | VHF 11 | VHF 12 retransmission
(RBS) | VHF 13
(MTV) | UHF 14/65
HGPTV | UHF 16/67
National Television Network | UHF 18/69
Hits and Jams Television (HJTV) | UHF 21/72
First Light Television | UHF 27/74
China Global Television Network (CGTN) | UHF 27/78
Television Guyana (TVG) | UHF 28
21st Century TV | VHF 42/93
Skar Television (Skar TV) | UHF 48/102 | ENet TV
Caribbean Gospel TV (CGTV) Air Link TV Ch.51
(NCN Linden) | VHF 8 | VHF 13
Guyana Learning Channel Trust | VHF 10
Caribbean Gospel TV (CGTV) Air Link TV Ch.51
Port Kaituma
Guyana Learning Channel Trust | VHF 10
Caribbean Gospel TV (CGTV) Air Link TV Ch.51
Guyana Learning Channel Trust | VHF 3 - Ituni, New Amsterdam, Annai, Aishalton, Mahdia, Mabarauma & Bartica
(DTV8) | VHF 8
Little Rock Television (LRTVS) | VHF 10
Television Guyana (TVG) | VHF 12
(NCN Berbice) | UHF 15 | UHF 21
. (CTV19) | UHF 19National Television Network (NTN Berbice) | UHF 26/77
Caribbean Gospel TV (CGTV) Air Link TV Ch.51
(TTS) | VHF 5
Guyana Learning Channel Trust | VHF 5 - Karasabai & Lethem | VHF 10 - Charity
Pinnacle Communications (RCA TV) | VHF 8
PCN | UHF 15/66
(NCN Essequibo) | UHF 25
(NCN Guyana)
Caribbean Gospel TV (CGTV) Air Link TV Ch.51
Haiti TV
Port-au-Prince Other areas in Haiti
Canal 4 Télé Eclair
Canal 5 Télémax
Canal 8 TNH (Télévision Nationale d'Haiti)
Canal 11 Canal 11
Canal 13 Télé Timoun/
Canal 16 Télé Shalom
Canal 18 Radio Télé Ginen
Canal 20 Tele Podium
Canal 22 Tele Caraïbes
Canal 24 Tele Lumiere
Canal 28 Kanal Kreyol
Canal 30 Tele Variete Haiti
Canal 32 Tele Pa Nou
Canal 34 Tele 34
Canal 36 Tele Antillaise
Canal 38 Canal Bleu
Canal 40 Tele Star
Canal 42 Tele Antilles
Canal 44 Tele Pluriel
Canal 46 Tele Maxima
Canal 50 TV Numerique Multicanal
Canal 52 Tele Metropole
Canal 4 TNH
Canal 4 Télé Caramel – Les Cayes, Sud
Canal 6 TV Nord'Ouest
Canal 7 Tele 7 Cap-Haïtien
Canal 7 Tele Yaguana - Leogane
Canal 9 Tele Cap-Haïtien
Canal 9 Tele Provinciale 9/TNH, Gonaïves
Canal 10 Tele Nami- Les Cayes, Sud
Canal 11 Tele RTGS – Les Cayes, Sud
Canal 10 Tele Maxima
Canal 11 Ambiance TV 11, Jacmel
Canal 12 TV de la Metropole du Sud, Cayes
Canal 16 Television Hirondelle, Cayes
Canal 12 TNH, Cap-Haïtien
Canal 15 Saint-Marc
Canal 28 Tele La Brise, Camp-Perrin
Canal 65 RTC 65, Saint-Marc
Ination TV
Love TV Channel 6, Kingston, Jamaica / Saint Andrew Parish, Jamaica
TVJ ZQI-TV Channel 11, Kingston, Jamaica
Love TV Channel 17, Kingston, Jamaica / Saint Andrew Parish, Jamaica
CETv! The Family Network (Cable)
CVM TV Channel 9, Kingston, Jamaica / Saint Andrew Parish, Jamaica
Hype TV (cable & DirecTV)
RE TV (cable only)
JUICE TV (Cable only) Mandeville, Jamaica
Mercy and Truth Ministries Television channel 671, channel 94, and channel 745 (MTM TV), Kingston, Jamaica
Caribbean Gospel TV ( Digicel Ch. 27)
SportsMax (cable only)
Montego Bay
Love TV; Channel 2 - Montego Bay
Eplus TV; Cornwall Communications Ltd.
ZQI-TV; Channel 9, Montego Bay / Flower Hill, Jamaica
CVM TV; Channel 11 Montego Bay, Jamaica / Flower Hill, Jamaica
Mercy and Truth Ministries Television (MTM TV) Channel 671 on FLOW Telecommunications Ltd.
Caribbean Gospel TV (CGTV) ( Digicel Ch. 27)
Ocho Rios (Lillyfield)
Love TV Channel 3 Ocho Rios, Jamaica (Lillyfield)
CVM TV Channel 10 Ocho Rios, Jamaica (Lillyfield)
Mercy and Truth Ministries Television (MTM TV) channel 68
Port Antonio
ZQI-TV; Channel 8, Port Antonio
CVM TV; Channel 13, Port Antonio
Coopers Hill
ZQI-TV; Channel 7, Coopers Hill, Jamaica
CVM TV; Channel 9, Coopers Hill, Jamaica
Other areas of Jamaica
CVM TV Channel 4, Marley Hill, Jamaica
Love TV Channel 8, Huntley, Jamaica
TVJ Channel 9, Yallahs, Jamaica
TVJ Channel 10
CVM Channel 12, Cabbage Hill, Jamaica
TVJ Channel 12, Oracabessa, Jamaica
TVJ Channel 13, Huntley, Jamaica
CETv! The Family Network Portmore, Spanish Town, St. Andrew
TVJ Channel 10, Morant Bay, St. Thomas
CVM TV Channel 12, Morant Bay, St. Thomas
MTM TV channel 69 (St. Ann) Channel 671 FLOW islandwide
Caribbean Gospel TV ( Digicel Ch. 27)
Hype TV – Premiere Caribbean Entertainment TV Station based in Kingston
Logic One Limited – Digital Picture Perfect Cable TV
Eplus TV- FLOW Channel 391 403 on the HD box, With over 1.3 million views monthly, HD ready Most interactive channel on cable.
CVM PLUS – Airs regional sports based in Kingston
CaribV TV –
SportsMax – T
FLOW Sports
JET – Jamaica Education TV
Caribbean Gospel TV - Caribbean Gospel TV (CGTV)
Channel 1, Martinique La 1ère
Channel 2, viàATV (Some of TF1 and M6 programmes)
Channel 3, Kanal Matinik Television (KMT)
Channel 4, France 2
Channel 5, France 3
Channel 6, France 4
Channel 7, France 5
Channel 9, ARTE
Channel 10, franceinfo
Channel 11, Zitata TV
Martinique La 1ère
Zouk TV
Annonces TV
Graphé TV
TV Famille
APTV (live internet)
People's Television, Manjack, Montserrat [Free to Air]
ZTV, Sweeney's Montserrat [Cable]
Puerto Rico
See Television stations in the Puerto Rico market
PJF-TV 3 (LBC) (Saba)
PJB-TV 6 (Tele Curaçao, Bonaire/Saba)
PJS-TV 6 (LBC, Saba)
PJF-TV-1 11 (ABC, Saba)
Saint Barthélemy
Local channels
Channel 1, Guadeloupe La 1ère
Channel 3, France 2
Channel 4, France 3
Channel 5, France 4
Channel 6, France 5
Channel 8, ARTE
Channel 9, franceinfo
Saint Kitts and Nevis
ZIZ-TV 2 and 5, Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis
NTV-TV 8, Charlestown, Saint Kitts and Nevis
St Kitts Visitor Channel 70
Caribbean Gospel TV (CGTV) Digicel Ch. 502
Saint Lucia
(DBS) Channel 10 (Cable Channel 35), Castries, Saint Lucia
National Television Network (NTN 2) – Saint Lucia
EWTN Channel 6, Castries, Saint Lucia
GVD Caribbean 115 Flow Sarrot Bexon St Lucia
Think Caribbean Television (TCT) Channel 36 (Cable Only), Castries, Saint Lucia
Choice39 TV Channel 39 (Cable Only), Castries, Saint Lucia
Scruffy TV Channel 45 (Internet, Cable, Mobile Device), Castries, Saint Lucia
Hot 7 TV (Internet, Cable, Mobile Device, Castries, Saint Lucia
((Calabash TV)) Channel 44 (LIME) Channel 54, (Karib Kable), Castries, Saint Lucia
SHINE TV – Channel 49 LIME, Channel 53 Karib Cable, [Castries, Saint Lucia]
The Visitor Channel 40 LIME & 51 FLOW,
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Broadcasting Corporation (SVGBC) – Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
ZBG-TV Channel 9, with repeaters on 7, 10, 11, 13, 14, (CBS / CNN / Caribbean Media Corporation), Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
TBN Channel 4, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
IKTV Channel 45, IKTV, Prospect, St Vincent and the Grenadines
Vincentian Cultural Connection Channel(VC3TV) Your Sports & Culture Network - Victoria Park, Kingstown, St. Vincent & The Grenadines
Saint Martin
PJF-TV 7 (LBC) (Philipsburg, Sint Maarten)
PJM-TV 9 (Naked Boy Hill, Sint Maarten)
TV 15 on St.Maarten Cable TV
TVCARiB on WTN, TELTV+, MSR Cable Fr. St. Martin
Caribbean Gospel TV (CGTV) TELTV+ )
Trinidad and Tobago
Turks and Caicos
Oasis Media Centre 4NEWS HD Local Community News Station, Providenciales
People's Television Channel 8 Cable Television Services, Providenciales
Turks & Caicos Television Cable Television Services, Grand Turk
United States Virgin Islands
Stations in Saint Croix/Charlotte Amalie
Caribbean Gospel TV (CGTV) ( Yiya TV+ Ch. 333 )

  • Public National Channels (free-to-air, ERT), Private National Channels (free-to-air, Digea), Private Subscription Channels, Cosmote TV Channels, Nova Channels, and Foreign Owned Specialty Channels. With such a diverse array of channels, you will surely find something that suits your interests! If you're interested in watching LIVE STREAMING FROM ACROSS CARIBBEAN, here are the channels you can choose from
  • Dominican Republic TV See also Template
  • VHF 2 GWTV Safe TV 2
  • // Canal 6 Radio Tele 6 Univers – Les Cayes, Sud http
  • On cable TV (SFR Caraïbe) – more local channels
  • All transmissions in Saint Barthélemy are in digital terrestrial television Note
  • Channel 34) Castries, Saint Lucia VQH-TV 4 and 5 (Helen Television System Channel 4,(Cable

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